We are always looking for qualified candidates, and we will do our best to find the perfect fit for you. The following are subjects for which we are actively seeking candidates. If you do not see a subject listed that you are interested in teaching, please submit your application and note the subject that you are most qualified to teach.

Middle School (Grades 6 – 8):

-          English

-          Math

-          Science

-          Social Studies

-          Special Education


High School (Grades 9 – 12):

-          Special Education

-          English (All levels)

-          Math

o   Algebra

o   Geometry

o   Algebra II

o   Pre-Cal/Calculus

-          Science

o   Biology

o   Chemistry

o   Physics

o   Environmental Sciences

-          Social Studies

o   World Geography

o   World History

o   US History

o   Gov/Econ

-          Foreign Language

o   Spanish

o   French

-          Electives

o   Art

o   Health

o   PE