Frequently Asked Questions

Which position/subject area am I being considered for?

YES Prep determines which positions you are being considered for by reviewing the subject areas you listed on the application and your geographic preferences. We do our best to match candidates to campuses that have positions open in the content area(s) they are most interested in and at a preferred campus or region. To learn more about qualifications for specific content areas, please visit this pageIf your status indicates that you have been sent to a campus, the hiring team will review your application, and contact you directly with information on the position they are considering you for.

Why am I only being considered for one position at a time?

At YES Prep, our campuses do not compete for talent. To maintain strong relationships and consistent processes across our campuses, candidates are typically only considered for one position and one campus at a time.

Why wasn’t I selected to move forward after submitting my application?

At YES Prep, the application is a very important piece of the interview and selection process. Each application is read in its entirety by staff members and closely evaluated for position fit. Applications that do not meet the required criteria are not moved forward.

What should I expect of the final interview?

The final interview is commonly referred to as a Finalist Day. While they do vary by campus and position, a typical Finalist Day for a teaching position involves a campus visit where you will have the opportunity to plan and teach a sample lesson in the content area for which you are being considered, as well as participate in a reflection and final interview after your sample lesson. If you move forward for a final interview, a campus representative will reach out to you directly with information on an objective to teach as well as resources and instructions on what to prepare and bring to campus. If you are interviewing for a non-instructional role, the hiring manager will reach out to set up the final step of the selection process which is an in-person final interview.  

 I don’t live in Houston. How will my final interview work?

Almost half of the employees we hire annually are from out of state. If you are an out of state candidate and you move forward for a final interview, a hiring manager will reach out to you directly to set up an initial time to talk via phone or Skype. From there, you can discuss travel accommodations and plans with the hiring manager. More information on travel arrangements and compensation will be available from the hiring team. Please feel free to inquire during your initial communication.

 What should I expect of the video interview or how should I prepare for the video interview?

There is nothing you need to prepare for the video interview. If you are interviewing for an instructional position, you will be asked to think about your role as a teacher and answer questions according to your beliefs about education and students. If you are interviewing for a non-instructional role, the video interview will cover some of your past academic and professional experiences in order to get a better picture of your interest and qualifications for the position. You should treat the video interview as you would any other interview including business or business casual dress. 

What does it mean that my application has been placed on file?

Applications are placed on file when we do not have a current position open that fits your qualifications. We will continue to consider your candidacy as positions become available. The Talent Acquisition team routinely revisits applications that are placed on file for consideration across the system. If your application is re-visited and moved forward, you will receive communication from the Talent Acquisition team via email or phone before we send your file to a campus.

 How long does the interview process take or what is the interview timeline?

Every application submitted to YES Prep is read in its entirety by a YES Prep team member. Candidates who move forward will receive instructions for completing a one-way video interview. All video submissions are also evaluated by the Talent Acquisition team. Candidates who are successful at the video interview stage will be invited to the final step in the interview process: the Finalist Day. We strive to ensure that the hiring process is as quick as possible and are committed to sending application updates regularly. Typically, the process from application to video interview takes one week. This, of course, depends on how quickly the candidate completes the video interview.

Can I reapply if I am not offered an interview/position?

For non-instructional positions, you may apply to new positions. For teaching positions, your application materials and status will be retained for the full school year. You can begin reapplying when the next school year application opens, which is typically each year in September.

Why are there three steps to the YES Prep hiring process?

Each year, we get over 1,500 applications for our posted positions.  For the past few years, we’ve only hired approximately 17% of applicants for our instructional roles, since it’s very competitive. The multi-step process allows us to learn about each applicant's strengths and qualifications in order to evaluate candidates holistically. We also believe it is a great opportunity for you to learn more about YES Prep and determine if the role is a good fit for you.